stock-footage-mother-with-baby-walking-on-sea-coast-silhouettes-sunsetEver since we were toddlers, there was always something what we want to convey, but it was hard.

At that age, we had much simpler things to stay, like I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m in pain and all that simple stuff. Back then, in most cases our mothers came to our aid. She preserved our innocence by taking care of things we want, when we couldn’t communicate with language. Have you imagined how much a child would suffer if nobody can understand when he’s thirsty? Could he be at peace in that situation? I don’t think so.

And then we grew up, we learnt to communicate with language. As we grew and learnt to communicate, we develop our vocabulary. With our age, complexity of things we want to say also increases, it’s not simpler things like thirst or hunger anymore. Now it’s not matter of how to speak. It’s the dilemma to speak or not to speak, whom to speak.

Same as being toddler, many times, we can’t speak out the things which are bothering us. Even though we have language, we still express our feelings in different ways, which people from closed circle may not like. Not with crying or screaming anymore though. Some may wish if they could, it’d be great relief. But that’s not what society taught us.

At every stage of life, you need someone to listen to these unspoken things. May it be a parent, a sibling, a close friend or boyfriend/girlfriend? Be sure to return the favor every time!

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