ABCs of Domain Parking

domain parking

Why Domain Parking?

Few days back, I puchased few domains as they were good and just released from “pending delete” period. But I had no time to place a good blog/website on them. So I decided to park those domains or something similar to park, which is better than leaving domains empty.

What is Domain Parking?

Who does not know what’s domain parking, here is some information for you. To park your domain, you have to point your domain to domain parking provider’s nameserver and add those domains to your account with them. Once ready, it will display relevant link and some content on it (content is not displayed generally). When user arrives on your domain, parking page is displayed. If links are relevant and if user clicks on any sponsored link on your website, you get share from that click’s revenue (around 60%, rest goes to parking provider) . This is general situation.

Good & Bad about Domain Parking

I have heard many good and bad things abuot domain parking, which I have mentioned below. Personally I don’t like domain parking typical page design with hardly related link on it. As I didn’t want to left domain empty till I develope something for it, I researched to find alternate to domain parking.

Pros of Domain Parking:

  • Ready in few minutes
  • Easy and quick way to utilize traffic of your domain
  • Good if you want to sell your domain, as domain parking pages can also include domain for sale notification

Cons of Domain Parking:

  • Limited customization
  • Domain parking page can be identified easily. Any advance computer user wouldn’t click on sponsored link.
  • Search engines does not like domain parking pages. Your search engine traffic will be significantly decreased within a month. This is my personal experience.
  • Many domain parking programs are paid like Godday’s premium parking.
  • Domain parking company leaves its logo or footer link on website

Now, let’s talk about alternates of domain parking. There are other alternates to domain parking like Google Adsense, WhyPark, etc. I’ll also mention pros and cons of these alternates.

Pros of Google Adsense for Domains:

  • Easy and quick setup
  • You get full revenue of all click (no domain parking company’s cut)

Cons of Google Adsense for Domains:

  • Bad design and almost no customization
  • Not at all look like a legit website (even worse than domain parking)

So far, I liked WhyPark option the most. Here are the pros and cons of WhyPark.

Pros of WhyPark:

  • Free account creation
  • Easy n quick setup
  • Variety of theme selection option
  • Customizable website title, keywords and description
  • Many header images to choose from, which suits your domain’s niche
  • Ability to upload your own header images
  • Ability to modify layout css
  • Readymade articles
  • Include related youtube videos, other product advertisement, weather, online flash games, web directory, twitter feed, rss feed and many more ways to monetize your traffic with single click. (known as Domain Apps)
  • Ability to include your own website stats code like Google Analytics, StatCounter, iStats, etc. (they provide their own tracking system too)
  • Ability to add Google Webmaster’s verification tag
  • Easy payout option through Paypal and very low minimum payout
  • Ability to add unlimited domains
  • Automatic niche detection from domain (if you are not expert in finding good keywords for your domain, it will automatically find best matching keywords for your domain to monetize from)
  • Ability to sell your domain

Cons of WhyPark:

  • WhyPark gets some share from your earning (you don’t get full earning like Google Adsense)

Honestly, I think WhyPark deserves some share for all their hardwork to make you earn. Give it a try for your domain parking needs.