I am using #NewTwitter since a while. Today I noticed something weired in it.

When refering to time of any event or action, have you ever read “It was done at 1:00 am tomorrow”. Well, that would be insult of grammer, but #Twitter is doing this.

Here’s how it happened:
I had granted access to my account to one app and I wanted to remove that. So I went to Settings->Connections.

It lists all the apps which I have allowed to access my account, along with date/time when I approved.

The app which I had just approved was saying something like “approved on 12:59 am tomorrow”. Weired, huh? It is.

First I was thinking what’s wrong. Then I realised that Twitter noted time from my timezone and it’s comparing it with time on their server.

Approval time as per my timezone – 12:59 am 10/19/10
Time on twitter’s server – xx:xx am/pm 10/18/10

So twitter is comparing my timezone’s time with server’s time. So it find it “APPROVED IN FUTURE” 😉

Do you want a proof? Here it is.

Proof of Twitter's bug

This is no photoshop magic, you can try mentioned sequence and you will know it’s real image.

I know this is a very small bug, but after all, BUG IS A BUG!