Spending some time at a public transport hub can give you some nice experience/memories. There are all type of people over there, following their habits. Some are trying to please their boss while some are trying to makeup with their life partner. Some are discussing work troubles while some are discussing life/society troubles. Some are bad mouthing their coworkers while some are just sitting silently (and thinking probably). And ofcourse, some like me who like to observe them all doing their own stuff.

Yesterday night, I saw a “happy” person. He was in his mid thirty, seemed like a marketing/sales guy, travelling town to town. He didn’t had perfect body neither he seemed a “richie rich” person. He was at bus station at 9.30pm, so probably not the easiest job either.

But, he had a very important thing – he was “happy”. He was talking happy, he was walking happy. He was just happy. Even though he didn’t had much all of us want, he was happy. Most people (If any of you are wondering already, he wasn’t like crazy happy).

We all have this “happy” person inside us. But it’s not powerful, so if you fail to feed it properly or lose balance, others will overpower or bully it very easily. The bullier can be anything – stress, ambition, greed, jealousy, worry – literally anything.

No matter what we have, how much we have, we fail to achieve the “happyness” we had when we were kid (it’s not a spell mistake, honoring “The Pursuit of Happyness” here).  The bullier would be different in all case, but they sure do exists for most of us. The “happy” person inside us gets bullied as we grow up. If your “happy” person is still in power, Kudos to you!

Are you still that happy like when you were kid? If not, try to recall when you were that happy last time and feel the joy. Initiate “Pursuite towards happyness”. No doubt, things changes as we growup, but if you manage to gain balance among those, it won’t be “that” hard.


To your happyness!

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